Snoddas and Hasse

Simsalabim alias Snoddas 1994-03-05 - 2003-11-03
Brown Bearded Collie male
Here with his person Hasse

My best friend, if you new how hard it is to write this, but I have to so everyone will know that a great dog you were.

I miss coming home, meeting you in the door, happy and with a hysterically waving tail, I barely got time to get my jacket and shows of.
Your wet nose in the mornings I will never forget.
To go for a walk without you brings me no joy.
Nine years we got together, I had hoped for much more.

Snoddas was such a delightful dog, so unbelievebly kind towards other animals aswell as humans. Many people has helped me to "dog sit" and they probably went home loving him as much as I do.
Our friends Britt and Hasse, Marika and Tommy, Lilian and my dad Iron, my siblings Elinor and Jonny. I know he had such a good time with you! A big thank you, to you who took care of him while I was gone.
I want to thank "Västerorts Animal hospital" for listening to my worries for him passing away and for trying to make everything as nice as possible. Lit candles, blankets on the floor so one could be close to one's beloved animal. It meant the world to me.
Sleep tight my boy. Kisses and hugs from your "mommy".

Baby Snoddas
Snoddas as a little pup. He sure looks like a candy bar!
Snoddas in Västervik
Last summer with Snoddas in Västervik.
He enjoyed lying down and to keep track of everything.




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